A modern-day nutraceutical & a traditional food supplement. Ashwagandha is traditionally respected as a “Rasayana” in Ayurveda. Withania root extract is known to promote health through revitalization, disease resistance, and improved mental well-being. Provides stamina, vigor and virility. Possess anticancer bioactives.

black pepper whole

The magic of Black Pepper is known from time immemorial. It's connected with history and also every gourmet's choice today. Rich in health benefits, MOZA 100% Natural Black Pepper can stimulate your appetite and improve your digestion along with giving an aromatic spicy touch to your dishes...

cardamom whole

One of the very ancient spices, Cardamom is used the world over for health & culinary needs. The flavour of MOZA 100% Natural Cardamom is quite distinctive and it complements sweet and savoury dishes alike. Many Indian & Middle Eastern recipes demand the eminent presence of this exotic spice...


An eminent part of the earlier spice trade, Cloves are essential for cuisines and medicines alike. Moza 100% Natural Cloves come from the world known spice valleys of Kerala. It's full of antioxidants, which can boost your immunity. The strong taste and aroma makes Cloves an important part of recipes...

ginger powder

Loaded with health benefits, Ginger is used as a major spicy ingredient in both vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines. Taken from carefully cultivated & properly dried ginger roots, MOZA 100% Natural Ginger Powder has a unique flavour. It enhances the taste of dishes while using as a seasoning agent...

turmeric powder

Renowned for its flavour, medicinal and cosmetic properties,Turmeric is widely used in day to day life. Made from chosen Turmeric Rhizomes, MOZA 100% Natural Turmeric Powder has numerous benefits to offer. Its vibrant colour, heavenly flavour and rich taste together gets a difference to the cuisines...

red gold saffron

Saffron, ‘the red gold’ came all the way from the misty valleys of Kashmir here gets you a big bunch of health & beauty benefits. Filled with vitamins and antioxidants, it offers unique glow to your complexion and makes you noticeably fair…

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