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Sprotone, a meticulously researched, clinically proven combination of sprouted pulses and grains, uniquely blended and powdered for the health conscious. Sprotone is 100% natural and preservative free, complete with ingredients for a healthy balanced diet, enabling individuals to tackle lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity. A nutritious meal rich in dietary fibre and easily digestible can be added as one time meal..

Protino Naturo

A nutritional supplement contains essential macronutrient helps to repair the body, weight management and tone the muscles. Protino Naturo provides high quality plant-based proteins with healthy amounts of dietary fibre, helps to neutralize the bowel movements and reduce the risk of gut inflammation. It has been found to aid weight loss and tone muscles and found to be an ideal supplement for health fitness....


Sprouted Fenugreek has got an nutritional advantage as the sprouting process enhances the nutritional content and digestibility. Fenugreek sprouts contain various nutrients but are particularly rich in fiber, protein and iron...