Moza Organics, a company on a mission to restore the balance between humans and nature.

How did it begin?

Moza Organics is a company registered under the Startup India Mission in 2018; MOZA expands to “Momentum Of Zealous Attitude” an inspiration and value driven thought by Dr Kamarudeen Mohammed Salih. It originated its operations from the pristine islands of Lakshadweep, which is well known for its geographically indexed food and produces, namely, coconuts and Tuna fishes. A bite of fresh, sustainable food from the Lakshadweep Islands inspired the business owner to start MOZA. He saw a growing demand for high-quality food that reflected people’s values of eating healthy and living sustainably. He desired to source from the most pristine regions and work with farmers who are committed to sustainable practices.

What are our ethos and values?

MOZA strives to always relate itself to sustainability and alignment to nature. We believe in developing sustainable and innovative solutions for a healthier planet, from natural foods and external human use products to agriculture, animal rearing, and carbon capture. Our goal is to help people live healthier and more sustainable lives, while also protecting the environment

Why do we do what we do?

MOZA believes that going back to nature is the only sustainable way forward. That’s why we strive to use only natural ingredients in our products and services, and we are committed to responsible cultivation and sustainable practices.

What we do: Verticals and Product expansions

During covid and the post-covid period when Indian consumers understood the value and role of proper food and lacunae in nutritional intake causing their bodily and immune functions to damage. Moza realized the importance of the under-addressed segment and took the signs positively to springboard itself into a new vertical called LIFE. Since then MOZA has been continuously launching research and data-backed food products to improve life.

MOZA LIFE - A Culinary Dance with Nature

LIFE consists of multiple offerings starting with a curated range of whole meal replacements, functional chocolates, antioxidant beverages and soups, protein bars and cookies and much more. It is more than just food—it’s a lifestyle choice that resonates with nature’s rhythm. Committed to sustainable aging and responsible fooding, LIFE offers an effortless lifestyle evolution for even the most change-resistant souls. Currently, the LIFE portfolio consists of shippable products, research-done formulations and R&D pipelines undergoing iterations.

MOZA INBORN - A way to age responsibly

INBORN envisages sustainable aging and it showcases external human use products. We are developing a set of external application ointments, liniment oil, cosmetics, and face masks that are totally from nature. Our promise is that we do not have any synthetic additives in them. At present, all the products in this vertical are undergoing various trials

MOZA IMPACT - A commitment to fortify and enrich organic carbon

IMPACT is the third vertical under MOZA where we realize our commitment to agriculture, animal rearing, and carbon capture. We are developing highly sustainable, high yielding products as animal feeds (poultry and cattle) that reduce effective methane effluence. We are researching next-level bio-organic soil mix products that enrich soil with organic carbon for bioagents to release minerals and compounds for the plant, resulting in quite high yields. Additionally, we are developing active products targeting real-time carbon capture and conversion to bio carbon for embedding in the soil. All of these products are either in concept stage or in late phases of R&D.

MOZA PRISTINE - Responsibly sourced products from pure shores

PRISTINE consists of naturally sourced foods from unpolluted regions. The process consists of identifying virgin and pristine lands and shores abundant in natural and local produce, which have unique geographical variations. The nutritional values from these products would also be incomparable and unique. We are creating a niche value chain while ensuring responsible cultivation without overexploitation of the resources.

Meet Our Team

Dr.Kamarudeen Mohammed

Dr.Kamarudeen Mohammed

CEO & Fouder Moza Organic Pvt Ltd
A doctor turned entrepreneur with a postgraduate degree in dentistry, having harbored a long-time passionate interest in bettering lives through health, diet and hospitality, an interest that has eventually resulted in the birth of Moza Organic. Also one of the founder directors of Calmove Technologies Pvt Ltd which specializes in Hospital Management Software.
Dr.Rajkumar Reghunathan

Dr.Rajkumar Reghunathan

For the past 33 years he has been a student of Siddha Vaidyam for almost as long. He practices healthy and functioning longevity through a combination of Siddha Vaidya, and functional and unique therapies that complement scientific medical practice and holistic ways of living and thinking in a good creative way.
Dr.Chen li Chuan

Dr.Chen li Chuan

Principal Advisor
Dr. Chen has served two terms as the president of Taiwan Energy Medicine Association. He is an advisor for the Complementary Medicine Association (officially recognized medical specialty in Taiwan) and Association for Integrative Health Management (with the intent to train health coaches for the rapidly aging population in Taiwan).

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